The overall level of my skills

  • restoration and renovation of windows vitrages, doors, furniture,light fittings and lamps in lead and brass in historical houses as well as in churches, castles, stately homes and aristocratic residences
  • glasspainting and decorating by using techniques, grinding, matting, sanding of decorations
  • unique vitrages made of alabaster
  • historici lightfittings and lamps, polygonal vitraged lamps, restoration of historical crystal chandeliers, form glassfillings of historical furniture,restoration of ancient Venetian mirrors where I have been working for many years
  • cooperation with Master V.Voňka – restorer's licence of Ministry of Culture at the largest extension
  • unique in the Czech Republic – production of window glass for curators of monuments - replacement of hand-blown glass, including "Declaration of Compliance" and acquired awards
  • production of frozen glass, silkglass, raw glass and UV ultraviolet glass – unique in the Czech Republic – Certificate conferred by the Czech Academy of Sciences
  • I offer the best counselling in the branch
  • references can be found on the next page

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

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Petr Švamberg

Družstevní 43
Tábor - Čekanice
390 02
(působím po celé ČR)

+420 608 281 400